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Pest Control Services in Miami, Florida

Drive pests away from your property once and for all with the effective pest control techniques from Rad Pest Control. Our team is always on-call to exterminate bothersome pests from your home, so be sure to contact us the next time you require our services.

All-in-One Pest Control Services
At Rad Pest Control, our team is dedicated to providing you with only the most thorough and effective pest management services you could ever ask for. Our exterminators specialize in residential, commercial, and industrial pest control techniques to eliminate unwanted rodents, bugs, and insects of every variety.

Interior and Exterior Pest Control
We offer pest control services for both the inside and the outside of your property. We provide soil treatments and lawn spraying services to eliminate ants, fungus, weeds, and other nuisances.

Pest Control Scheduling
We offer monthly, bi-monthly, annual, and as-needed pest control services to keep your home or workplace free of pests year-round. One phone call is all it takes to schedule a visit from our pest management experts.

We Exterminate All the Following Pests:

 • American Roaches
 • Asian Roaches
 • German Roaches
 • Ants
 • Silverfish
 • Spiders
 • Fleas
 • Ticks
 • Bedbugs
 • Rodents

 • House Flies
 • Drain Flies
 • Wasps
 • Bees
 • Yellow Jackets

A Few of Our Favorite Clients:

 • Homeowners
 • Restaurants
 • Warehouses
 • Apartment Complexes
 • Manufacturing Plants

 • Citrus Processing Plants
 • Commercial & Retail Locations

Exterior Lawn Services:

 • Fertilizer Application
 • Iron Application
 • Micronutrient Application
 • Insect Control
 • Fungicide Application
 • Herbicide Application

 • Weed Control
 • Ornamental Shrub Services
 • Tree Services

Termite Services:

 • Free Termite Inspections
 • Subterranean Treatments
 • Drywood Tent Fumigations
 • Soil Treatments 
   for New Construction

 • Wood Destroying Organism

Say goodbye to unwanted pests with our thorough pest control services in Miami, Florida.